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90% of the marketing content produced by no-code SaaS companies doesn't mesh with their go-to-market strategy. That's because:

Writers ≠ Marketers ≠ Subject Matter Experts.

SaaS content, when done right, can do a lot more than promote brand value. It can assist with product launches, boost paid user acquisition, foster improved product adaptation, and increase customer lifetime value — all the while helping you achieve faster product-market fit.

That's why, as an early-stage startup juggling multiple priorities, you need to work with people who are content creators, product marketers, and subject matter experts — all at the same time!

I'm Ritoban. I started my career as an investigative journalist covering startups and tech. Then, I pivoted toward full-service content marketing to use my knowledge of the startup space to help scale businesses like DreamHost, Glide, Kubera, Superhuman, Sendbird, 7pace, and more.

Now, I'm building Nutgraf — a next-gen micro-agency outfit that'll cater to growth-focused startup marketing teams with a fully-flexible service model.

Want to discuss how content can fast-track your platform's growth trajectory? Let's talk!

Ritoban Mukherjee — SaaS Marketer and Content Journalist

11 months, 13x conversions. Here's how I did it.

A detailed analysis of how I helped grow Glide's organic conversions by 13 times over a period of just 11 months using product-led content.

Impactful stories. Impeccable research.

From a how-to on creating self-moderating digital signage to a meditation on bias in the marketing industry — here's some of my best work around the internet.

Strategize to Uncover Customer Pain Points

It's not enough to blog and pray. SEO is okay, but understanding your audience is even better. Conduct deep-dive research into your customers' pain points using the JTBD Model, then create content to solve for those specific challenges.

Research Content Like a Media Reporter

Generic content isn't fooling anybody. If you want to be a thought leader, you need to take an investigative journalist's approach. That means interviewing both in-house and external experts to come up with fresh ideas for your content.

Let Your Product Lead the Conversation

How do you differentiate your B2B content from the 4 million other blog posts that go live each day? Product-led storytelling helps your company demonstrate industry experience, integrate brand identity, and drive more conversions.

We're a Great Fit, If:

You're a no-code software-as-a-service startup with a six-figure gross margin or above.

Your company has already made its first marketing hire and is now looking to expand into content.

You like to work with independent and strategic thinkers who take charge of their processes.

We're Not a Fit, If:

You're looking for a content mill that churns out mediocre writing without an overarching strategy.

You're struggling to find product-market fit and are yet to make your first marketing hires.

You want to focus on short-term growth strategies only, in which case, you should try looking into paid acqusition.

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